Cannot Find XMPP Pro Module in Module Admin

I am trying to setup XMPP But i cannot find the XMpp Pro Module in freepbx module admin

XMPP Pro was open sourced and renamed to XMPP in the process.

Ok I see that XMPP is installed but I still do not get the chat window in UCP All i see is the Green Circle

Why is this still online then?

XMPP has to be configured with the Server IP under Admin, XMPP, then it must be enabled for each user (or by group) under Admin, User Management.[quote=“jarvisswope, post:4, topic:37387”]
Why is this still online then?

Docs lag development

Ok thanks. @lgaetz
So I enabled my ext under the user admin and I still do not get the xmpp logo in UCP. I follows the guide to install parsody.

Any idea what the issue is

You need to have ucpnode installed.

Ah ha that’s is the issue.

I installed UCP Node to the newest version anrd it still does show up.

attached are screen shots

The UCP chat box never pops up.

any other suggestions

There are many ways to configure this module. Try following the wiki which many people have followed successfully in the past.

I have tried the wiki like 10 times and nothing.