Cannot enable operator "0" in directory

In the RC1 build (using trixbox 2.3.0) I have not found a way to enable the dial 0 (operator) in the company directory. There is an option to set the extension associated with the operator, but not actually turning on the prompt for dial 0. Any assistance setting this up would be appreciated.


I’m having the same issue–I set the operator extension in General Settings, but when pressing “0” (as in zero) while in the directory gets, “No extensions match your search”.

Ok you found a bug (I’ve seen it and even had our people complain but just never dug into it). I’ve just completed a patch for it and posted it to track.

see and the patch at

OK, for the bug patch: Do I copy/paste what’s in the “New” lines into the “Old” lines? That seems like what should be done, but I want to make sure. (Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob, and a little nervous about fiddling about with these things.)


#2731 fixed in r5727 and r5729

the other option is to wait a few hours to see if one of the Devs has a chance to look at the ticket and patch which was just submitted a few hours ago:-) And then check the online repository for updates.

As Philippe said the best bet is to wait for the patch to be rolled in and a new release of the info services which is now out (so in 2.4 check for online updates and upgrade it).

For those that are NOT running 2.4 you’ll need to either file a request in trac for it to be back ported or make the change manually in your code.

It is pretty streight forward. when you look at the patch file online. The red shaded lines are deletions, the Green are inserts. The big trick is that the line numbers might change between versions. The unique portion for this patch is that the only place oxtn is used is right where the patch needs to be.

I also applied it to 2.3, r5729 and that should also have been published yesterday.

As always you are the man.

I don’t have a active 2.3 or 2.2 install currently to have checked it.

I do have 2.3; I installed the Info Services module update, and it works just fine.

Just a suggestion; it might be helpful to have the voice say “One moment please” when the “0” is pressed. I assume that there is no other string that begins with “0” that can be found in the directory, so it would be nice to have confirmation that the caller is being routed somewhere immediately, instead of having them wait for the digit timeout.

Thanks very much for the quick bugfix; I bought some support time (I don’t think I can deduct a donation, can I?).

as far as donations - it probably depends on your CPA’s perspective. But purchasing support as a donation is perfectly fine. Ideally, you will create a support account and if you want the support credit to go towards past or future bug fixes or development, you will let us know in a ticket. That way we can book the support time accordingly.

Oh, OK. I didn’t realize I could direct that you use the support time for bug fixes, etc.

Thanks again!