Cannot edit Asterisk Sip Settings / Can Sip (A)

I have freepbx 12 and I want make a change to Settings/Asterisk SIP Settings / Chan SIP (A). But when I try to save my changes, javascript on the webpages prevents me saying that

“Value must be greater than or equal to 1” for rtpkeepalive and registerattempts. I currently have these set to 0 so they will try forever.

I’m assuming there is some validation mistake as 0 is a valid entry for these settings. Is there a work-around as I’d like to edit other settings and the underlying asterisk configs files warm me that freepbx overrides the settings.


A value of 0 disables rtpkeepalive.

Yes, but when I set rtpkeepalive to 0, when I click “Submit Changes” javascript moves my cursor to the rtpkeepalive setting and says that is must be set to a value of 1 or greater. Thus I cannot save changes on this page unless I set rtpkeepalive (and a few others) to a non-zero value, which I don’t want to do.

You can over-ride those settings in



I noticed the same thing. It is also affecting the registerattempts setting. It should probably be reported as a bug at


I submitted the bug. It can be found here:

Asterisk SIP Settings --> Chan SIP Settings Will Not Save Value of 0

i also have this issue. registerattmpts too errors out if left to 0.

A fix has been committed and is in qa.