"Cannot Display" when users attempt to play voicemail from their phones

All users on this PBX are unable to play voicemails from their phones. It shows the voicemails but when you try and play them it displays “cannot display”.

I’ve already checked User Management to make sure they all have permissions to phone apps -> Voicemail and it’s all good.

Asterisk version 13.22.0
FreePBX version 14
Firmware version 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
Phone Apps version 14.0.11

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If your PBX is up to date, and permissions are properly applied, then contact support.

Yes and yes and also yes, I’ve already contacted support.

Are you using Yealink phones? If so I have the same issue.

Hi Ken:

I’m working the ticket for @Kafluke and have identified the problem but not a solution. Open a support ticket and mention my name so I can ensure you are looped on the fix.

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Aastra phones

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