Cannot display FOP

After installing Freepbx and upgrading modules I’m getting the following error when trying to access the panel. Using Asterisk version Asterisk and freepbx

The requested URL /panel/index_amp.php was not found on this server.

in the /tmp/freepbx_debug.log I’m getting the following error everytime I click on panel

2011-Sep-29 14:58:38 /var/www/pabx.domain/public/admin/views/freepbx.php:195
[NOTICE]: Undefined variable: module_name

I have checked the path in /admin/views/panel.php and it seems fine

Any ideas

Check the advanced settings module and make sure the FOP is enabled AND that it is set to start with Asterisk. By default, on the Distro, FOP is disabled AND is not set to load with Asterisk. After you make those changes, you may need to reboot.

FOP is being phased out in FreePBX, and I guess the devs decided to start by making it look broken.