Cannot direct Dial extension from IVR

Hello all, I set up an IVR and cannot direct dial extension. It worked before I bought the system admin module and updated system and modules. In the IVR direct dial extension is enabled. any ideas what I am missing?

IVR setup
press 1 for sales
press 2 for support
press 3 for an operator
If you know the extension dial it at any time

when you try press 201 to get to an extension after you press 2 it just goes support.

That sounds exactly like how it should work. This jives with my experience with the system basically forever.

I was able to press 201 and it goes to the extension now you hit 2 and it doesn’t wait it just goes to that option. when was that change?

I don’t know how you were doing this before, but I’ve never had any luck using extensions that start with one of my options on my IVRs. That’s why I always use three and four-digit extensions that start with high numbers (like 6-8).

My 10+ years of using FreePBX and it’s predecessors is different than your experience.

Of course, it could depend on things like phone settings and RFC settings for inband and out-of-band keypress processing, but the way you are describing what is happening is the way I’ve always seen the system work. As far as I know, nothing in the system has changed that would have any effect on this.

Got it figured out :slight_smile:
I set Force Strict Dial Timeout to yes and set the time out to 1 second, In the IVR section. And that works!!


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