Cannot dial in to check VM

I have 25, S505 Sangoma phones and they are all doing the same thing I’ve got an IVR set up so that when the IVR starts playing you hit the star key and then it asks you for the extension so I put the extension in and then it asked for the password and when I apply the password that I set up in free PBX voicemail set up it tells me it’s the wrong password I have reset it multiple times I don’t know what else I can do.

Please confirm where things go wrong:

  1. Dial *98 from an internal extension. You should hear “Comedian Mail. Mailbox?” You enter an extension number followed by #, you should hear “Password?” You enter the password for that extension’s voicemail followed by #, you should hear “You have …” If anything goes wrong, provide details.

  2. Please confirm that your IVR has as one of its options Digits: *, Destination: Feature Code Admin -> Dial Voicemail.

  3. When you call into the IVR and press *, it should be exactly like dialing *98 from an internal phone. Report the first thing that is different.

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