Cannot Dial From Call Log

I cannot dial any number from my Polycom’s “Received Calls” log. My guess is that it has something to do with the stored CID in the phone and the “sip:+” prefix that shows on every number. Is there any way to ensure only the 10-digit CID is sent to the phone? Is this string legal and I’m just not configuring the outbound rules properly?

Thanks in advance.

THe polycom has a separate dial plan for the directories, you can do any digit manipulation you require in those tags, including adding a 9 or other trunk prefix.

I am talking about your phones. The Polycom’s have a dial plan just for the directory. You do it before the PBX.

Are you using one of the endpoint managers? Sounds like your phones are not even close to configured right.

Thanks, but I’m not sure how this relates. I’m probably more green then you’d expect. I’ve tried playing with the Outbound Routes to account for “sip:+” and “+” prefixes. The plus symbol is allowed but doesn’t change anything. I’ve also tried tinkering with the Inbound Route to strip these off. What am I missing?

On a side note, any attempt to dial from my “Received Calls” list causes the display to read “sip:” (without a number) and play a fast busy signal.

Yeah, using the commercial endpoint manager. The phones appear to be working fine. The only ability that seems off is calling from the log.

That did it. Thanks, SkykingOH. Your question about the endpoint manager let me know that I was looking in the wrong place. I was able to adjust my search terms and found that disabling the urlDialing feature would get around this. This was easy to find in the templates for the endpoint manager. Ended up changing that one parameter, rebuilding my configs, and I’m in business. AND, additionally, I was able to enable the Missed Call List… something I had asked in another thread.

Thanks again. Blue skies! =)

One more side note, just in case someone finds this thread useful. The change above (disabling the urlDialing feature) allowed me to strip the “sip” prefix from the number. To remove the plus symbol from the CID, I changed the context of my inbound route from…




The end result was that only a 10-digit number is sent to the phone. The only caveat to this is my existing inbound routes, which were originally looking for the CID to include the 1 (country code), needed to be reworked to use just the 10 digits.