Cannot delete IAX trunk

I have recently migrated from pure Asterisk to FreePBX and stumbled across the problem of IAX trunk between two Asterisk systems. I had some network issues while trying to set up IAX connection and had to poke around with iax.conf (needed some quick testing). However, when all network troubles were addressed I replaced temporary iax.conf (which I used for testing) with original one (provided by FreePBX distro) – but realized that temporary setting are still there and I cannot get rid of them!
Please advise. I tried to create a new trunk by means of FreePBX but in vain. It still sees and uses old (temporary) trunk settings.

Thank you I advance.

After editing files, you need to do a

core reload

Dear all,
I was able to figure that out. I had to apply configuration changes in FreePBX so it can override my manual changes.

Thank you Igaetz! yes, that worked.

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