Cannot create support ticket on portal for new deployment issue

Hello everyone. I am here regarding an issue getting FreePBX to recognize a Gai-Tronics 256-700 phone that needs to be deployed. I purchased support, but the ticketing system doesn’t seem to recognize the deployment ID, even though it’s listed on the portal.

I called the support line, and they referred me to the customer service and billing portion of the page since it would allow me to create a ticket without this information. However, that didn’t seem to work either. As a last ditch effort, I tried using the chat to talk to a salesperson to see if they could have someone contact me, but all the could offer was the same support number that I originally called. Needless to say, I’m stuck in a loop.

Can someone help me please?



PM contact details to me pls.

I cannot see a way to message you.

For just one phone, set it up manually. An ‘oddball’ device like this is probably not in EPM anyhow.

Click on his name, then click Message. If that option doesn’t appear, send an email.


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