Cannot Connect to Online Repository (,

That’s all well and good, but you can’t download the FreePBX installation tarballs: Both:


fail with:

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

Well, my issue started only after the mirrors went down, and it’s not the proxy setting.
It’s 4AM here now so I need to give up and try again in the morning!

is there a way to do this through the web UI? Got one system I don’t currently have SSH access to.

I am trying to update FreePBX from 12 to 13 and this is causing me problems. I am at the last step running this script and it cant find the mirror1 and 2. How can i update it in the CLI so i cant complete the upgrade?

But there are other dependencies on

As stated above npm is still an issue.

Also - the sipsettings install (part of the core install - n) makes a call to “fwconsole extip” and bombs out the entire install after the timeout. fwconsole extip is trying to access The https version of the URL works.

Grepping around and changing the source as appropriate for both issues gets things going, but ideally shouldn’t be necessary. sipsettings could continue without the extip, the npm stuff could fall back to no proxy. Both maybe with a warning.

Probably should file a report, but family is about to show up for Christmas gatherings for now.

Ah right. That’s a very good point.

This seems to be a recurring and embarrassing problem for FreePBX IT Dept.

Indeed. Same situation just six weeks ago – down all weekend.

I’m running FreePBX 15 on SNG7 and have Edge mode enabled. One issue I have noticed since switching mirrors over the weekend using the command:

fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO

is that the latest version of Commercial EPM on the is showing as 15.0.5. I’m currently running which was downloaded from mirror1/mirror2.

It is currently showing newer versions of modules such as Asterisk SIP Settings ( are available (have installed) so it looks like most modules are OK. It’s just Commercial EPM hasn’t been updated. Do I need to raise a ticket somehow or can someone from Sangoma check that has all of the current modules and is being updated correctly?

Having this same issue again. Can’t connect to Mirror Servers for Modules. @tm1000 why is this a routine occurrence on the weekends?

Did you try this:

@moussa854 I’m hesitant to do that as it’s been reported that they are not in sync with each other, meaning when a module update is pushed it not’s pushed to all the mirrors.

Not sure if you did not see the announcement but @tm1000 left Sangoma almost 6 months ago and is working over at Clearly IP now with a bunch of other guys including myself.

Hi @joshzone90

Just to reiterate what tony said. I don’t work for Sangoma so I couldn’t tell you.

@tm1000 @tonyclewis I apologize I must of missed that. Sorry to both you.

Nothing to be sorry about. We still try and help out where we can in FreePBX and our business does a lot around FreePBX still just not part of the inside FreePBX team anymore.

@tonyclewis I understand. On a side note, wish I knew about your company 3 months ago when I was looking for new SIP Trunking Providers. Maybe i won’t hurt looking more now, and have Clearly IP as a redundant provider for me

Doing what @moussa854 said earlier will help out the situation (thanks @moussa854!)

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@joshzone90@tm1000, as well as myself and quite a few others, are no longer with Sangoma, we’ve left to start something new, but of course, we are still passionate about FreePBX and Opensource, so you can find many of my ‘new’ coworkers around here still helping out, but we wouldn’t be able to provide insight into why this happens every weekend. Remaining employees at Sangoma such as @mattf and @jsmith would be a better fit for that question, I’m sure they are digging into the issue with the FreePBX mirrors going down every weekend and can provide feedback. Unfortunately, I don’t see that they are monitoring the opensource mirrors on their status page so I guess there is no way to know if they are down for everyone or just you. At our new venture, we don’t have a need to monitor them.

Oh wait… I was wrong, they are monitoring it… “It’s Operational” with no Incidents reports so… still will need to have @jsmith dig in and see what’s up with their mirrors.