Cannot connect to Asterisk Manager Interface

I’ve just installed Asterisk 1.8.9 + freePBX 13
When i’m trying to access to my manager interface, i have a red button in top right of the page (Can not connect to Asterisk)
i verified chown for all files +

in /etc/amportal.conf :






I added : /etc/asterisk/manager.conf
secret = My_Secret

Any luck to help me??

Your Asterisk process probably isn’t up. Check that first.

FreePBX 13 and Asterisk 1.8 doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Many of the files changed from Asterisk 1,8 to Asterisk 11 and the FreePBX manager interface doesn’t play nice with the old manager.conf semantics.

asterisk is running without any problem, i can access to CLI too, where i execute core reload, i don’t have any problem too

is asterisk running as root?

no as asterisk,
i could resolve the prb by changing :
bindaddr =

now the red button disappared and i see (Apply Config), when i press it, i get :
Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 127

sh: /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf: No such file or directory

Freepbx 13 does not support asterisk 1.8. I am not sure how you got around this.

you are right, tell me what it the last stable asterisk version?