Cannot connect SIP client from anywhere but home network


I’m migrating from a FreePBX 13 to a new FreePBX 16 instance using the AWS AMI. I migrated settings from the old to the new instance. On the new instance, I’m using pjsip, whereas the old instance used chan_sip.

I can register with Zoiper to the new instance just fine from my home network. My colleagues are unable to register, timing out instead. I’ve reproduced this issue on my phone over the LTE network I use. When the clients time out, there are no asterisk logs; it’s not touching the server.

I’ve checked the following things:

  • AWS security group entries are open to the world (
  • fail2ban does not have entries for the timing out IPs
  • disabled fail2ban
  • used IP address to rule out DNS issues (DNS is verified correct as well)

What could be causing connectivity issues, given this info? Any help is much appreciated.


Have you configured the Firewall module to only all access from trusted source IPs?

Thanks, you pointed me in the right direction. I added the local subnet to trusted and it’s looking good for my needs. Thanks Lorne.

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