Cannot connect my freepbx with D-Link DVG 600 4G VoIP Gateway

i am new to FreePBX and Asterisk. I have a D-Link VoIP GSM gateway and for weeks now, i have been unable to have it registered to my SIP server. Can someone with an experience with d-link GSM VoIP gateway help me please.

Is the DVG on the same LAN as your FreePBX? If not, please describe the relevant network components.

Is FreePBX otherwise working (can call between extensions, any other trunks POTS, PRI, etc.)?

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when the DVG attempts to register? If nothing, run sngrep and report what, if anything, appears when the DVG attempts to register. If nothing there either, describe the port and trunk settings on the DVG, as well as the trunk settings in FreePBX.

Yes. They are on the same LAN network along with the other end points.

So what happens when it attempts to register?

I have created an extension number on freepbx to serve as the registration information for the DVG. After entering every necessary information on the DVG devoice for registration on the SIP server, it still gives this information “unregistered” next to the SIP user ID i am attempting to register.

Normally, you would create a trunk. With an extension, you won’t get caller ID on incoming and would require two-stage dialing on outgoing. However, that shouldn’t prevent registration.

Please answer my previous message about the Asterisk log and sngrep.

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