Cannot configure OpenVox G400E1 card

Hello, I recently received my OpenVox G400E card with one module installed but I’m having troubles configuring it. I followed the official guide here but I installed also DAHDI (not Asterisk of course).
Is it possible that this installation overwrote the FreePBX built-in DAHDI and this is causing me troubles?
Here’s my problem: Sometimes I cannot start the DAHDI module because it says

Running dahdi_cfg:  Notice: Configuration file is /etc/dahdi/system.conf
line 7: Incorrect number of arguments to ‘span’ (should be ,,,,[, crc4 | yellow [, yellow]])

If I unselect the opvxg4xx module and save and then re-select it, all is solved, but I cannot make calls. Is says that there’s no DAHDI channel configured or that it’s not possible to open a channel.
Can you please help me?

would be a good starting point, nevertheless you should provide more details about you installation/system (is it a complete FreePBX Distro or a Linux distribution - like, e.g, CentOS 6.5, with installed FreePBX and Asterisk with DAHDI from Digium?): at a first look it seems that your OpenVOX G400E GSM Card doesn’t belong to the PSTN Cards’ list supported by FreePBX DHADI configuration module…

If you want to work with that GSM Card and, at the same time, you need/want to use the FreePBX Distro, then you need to use a (FreePBX DAHDI Module) supported card or, at least, ask FreePBX Developers if they can inculde your card into the FreePBX DAHDI module…if, instead, you’re using a generic Linux distribution with Asterisk+FreePBX+DAHDI by Digium you should then try to follow OpenVOX instructions in order to make it working as you need.

I’m using FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 11, the card is a GSM one, I can see it in the FreePBX panel but I’m experiencing some problems. Now I think that installing the DAHDI module with the automatic installation of the driver of the card overwrote the FreePBX default one. How can I contact the developers of FreePBX to ask for help?

Check here.

Probably the fact you installed DAHDI by Digium (so from Digium source) over FreePBX Distro’s DAHDI module overwrote this one…you need to choose which (of the two) road to follow.

Actually neither will currently work, Digium does not support Openvox cards and FreePBX dahdi module does not apparently support this card. You can go the OpenVox route and disable the Dahdi Helper in FreePBX or wiat until Schmooze adds support for that card to their Dahdi build and module.

(the OpenVox route being to use their patched Dahdi source to compile and install)

If I disable FreePBX built-in I must configure my routes directly in the asterisk config files, right?

No, the dahdi config files, they are not the same thing but there is ton of information out there as to how-to.