Cannot click on some links on GUI

After upgrading all the standard and commercial modules and system updates, I can no longer click on certain links or buttons. Below is a video example of what I mean.

Do you have a nightly backup? It might be hard to trace what all went wrong if MANY things were upgraded at once. I know it not what you want to hear, but I see your on Version 14. Can You fire up a FreePBX 15 VM, Update ALL modules and system updates, and then restore your backup, before these updates, and see where you’re at?

PS - You can easily restore a 14 backup to version 15 now.

I do not have any recent backups… What should I do from here?

Ouch. I believe you would be trying to track what modules were updated. Probably your core was updated, you could start with that. Did you do any system updates too? Your module updates could get ahead of your “yum” system updates. Do you have any system updates you could run?

You could also see if there’s any big reports for the current core. In regards to your dashboard issue. I wish you had a backup…

I did both module and system updates. All modules are up to date. How would I go about downgrading them?

Could be a problem with your sysadmin module. You’re at your own risk at this point, But you could upload a previous version of a tar ball in module admin (I’ve never had to do it, but I know it’s possible)…and see what happens…

If you get this going, you REALLY need to get a routine going with Backup & Restore. I can share my scripts if you want, if replaceming the broken modules helps. You could also try the Edge modules, it’s a risk again, but of it’s broken. You have to try and fix…

Stupid question, you did a full reboot?

Mind you with backup & restore, and the filestore, you really don’t need any script, just need to make sure you grab all the right options for backup.

There are probably people in here who have more experience fixing or downgrading modules, that may know a better place to start. But I’ve heard of the sysadmin module needing some love when an upgrade goes wrong.

Does this happen across multiple browsers? In private browsing mode?

Thats a good thing to check too.

Please try with incognito mode and if issue still exists then check if your browser->developer tools -> console , do you see any JS issue? thanks.

Thank you all for the replies and helping me out! I figured out that I can click stuff in a incognito instance.

clearing your browser cache/cookies might resolve this for you then

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I’m glad it was as minor as cached information from before the upgrade.

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