Cannot change the general.xml

hey there,

I want to change some settings for 24 connected snom 370 phones via the general.xml file e.g. tone_scheme, language and general stuff like this…
if I go to Connectivity -> OSS Endpoint Advanced Settings -> Product Configuration Editor and select my Snom 3xx Models, I can click on general.xml and edit it, after that I click on “Save as…” and I get a new User File Config… but this is not what I want, I just want to edit my general.xml…
at my home-office, I’m able to change it… installed version of OSS PBX End Point Manager is…

would be thankfull for every hint

I forgott to say that I don’t want to edit each 24 phones seperatly… :slight_smile:


make your edits in the appropriate files and then rebuild the config files. note, that if you have made changes via the gui these core template files will not over ride those. you might have to delete the phone in the epm and add it again - you don’t have to delete the extension, just copy the mac address, delete the phone and then add it. also remember that updates to the endpoint manager may override your changes so make note of them so that you can reapply them if needed.

Better yet make backup copies you can copy in place if needed

@bksales: so I should edit the /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/snom/3xx820m3/general.xml file first, after this I add all my devices to the device list under OSS Endpoint Device List, and then all the general settings set in the general.xml file are also set in the device Custom-MAC-Address-Template ? and after this I’m not allowed to change settings in the webgui? because of what? where does the custom-template get the general settings in that case?

for that case, that I can’t edit my custom templates via webgui, where do I set the secret password for example?

I am not sure I am following you, but, if you edit the files in /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/snom/3xx820m3/general.xml and then rebuild the configs, any changes you made in the general.xml file will be applied to all phones. as to the secret password - not sure if you are referring to the sip secret or just the admin password for the phone. if you are referring to the sip secret you don’t have to do anything, the system generates the secret and the epm builds the files using that info. if you are referring to the admin password, unless you want a different password per phone, I would suggest editing it in the core template file as well. learning how to edit these files saves a lot of time when you have to manage multiple phones.

ok, I think now I got it… the problem was, that I always clicked on “save as” because the line “NOTE: File may be over-written during next package update. We suggest also using the Share button below to improve the next release.” confused me… if I click on save, everything works fine… thanks alot for your help!