Cannot call to the world!


I have installed the FreePBX Distro, which I downloaded here. I have registered two trunk’s which can receive calls and do forward them correct to the extensions.
There is only one problem: It’s unable to make a call to the world - the female voice says: “cannot complete as dialed check number dial again”

Could someone help me, to find the missconfiguation?

You need to set up at least one Outbound Route (it’s on the Connectivity tab).

If you have done so and it’s still not working, please post your Outbound Route settings, Trunk settings, what you are dialing, and what number format the trunk provider expects.

i did setup one outbound route
<img src=>
and the trunk’s like this
<img src=>

the provider expects the number 0043 before the local number

You need to have some numbers in the Dial pattern I believe.
Hover over the blue ? for the format.