Cannot call in to PBX from cell phones

What would cause some calls to get a busy signal and others to go through fine? I have a FreePBX system set up and have 4 SIPStation trunks and all was working just fine until I started getting a busy signal when calling in using my cell phone. Things got even stranger when I discovered that other phones call in just fine. When calls get a busy signal, nothing shows up on my internal server logs.

While troubleshooting this I bought a second DID and set it up the same as the first. All calls go through fine to this new number.

I also completely removed my SIPStation key and deleted trunks and then reinstalled them but the calls still get a busy signal from my cell phone.

Although not thoroughly tested, it appears that most land lines come through fine and cell phones (at least verizon) yield a busy signal. To add another wrinkle, a friends cell phone was giving me a busy signal last night while he was in the area but when he went home (about 40 miles away) his cell phone now works.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Is there a reason why you seem to be afraid to ask SipStation? They should have the records and tell you exactly why your calls are failing.

Thanks Dave. Yes, I did call them and that’s where i found out it was working from another phone besides my cell. One of the first things he did was call it and when it rang he said it was working fine and left it at that. I was surprised when it rang and let him off the hook (no pun intended) to test more calls from more locations. I wasn’t sure at that time if it was my cell that was the anomaly so didn’t press support much further. Another call is probably in order.

First, you need to look through your /var/log/asterisk/full log file and see if there are any errors from there. if the call is hitting your PBX and failing there, you will have a record. If the call is not hitting your PBX, the problem is upstream.

I had a problem similar to this with Alcazar Networks recently - a few of my DIDs were not getting routed correctly. It turned out to be one of their suppliers had a problem on one of the there PSTN switches.

So, try calling using the command “tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full” and then dial your DID number again from your cell, If the call gets processed, it’s all you. If not, call SIPStation back with the timestamp of the call so they can look through their CDR database to find the actual error.

Sounds like a provider issue. Someone doesn’t have something programmed correctly somewhere in their switch.

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