Cannot Bridge calls

Am I correct in assuming that a bridged call means extension to extension or does it mean relay through asterisk?

From what I understand, it should be possible for extension to extension calls to communicate directly with each other during a call instead of ‘relaying’ through asterisk.

I am running wireshark and softphone (xlite) but it seems that whatever I try, UDP always goes via Asterisk and not extension to extension.

I have gone into General settings and cleared all TtWw options. Also made sure that recording is disabled, extensions use same codec and that canreinvite=no is set.

Is there anything else that I am missing?

Asterisk 1.4.18


Try setting canreinvite=yes. Also, some phones require a setting to allow reinvites. Be careful as this may have some unexpected results with some VOIP carriers.

Thanks for the fast response jmullinix.
I had read elsewhere that canreinvite should be set to No, which thinking about it sounds wrong !!
Setting canreinvite=yes on extensions now allows extension to extension communication. I will test that trunks are ok.