Cannot backup FreePBX 13 to FTP Server - failed to open stream: Value too large for defined data type

Very strange - backing up to a known working FTP server on the local network, we have dozens of FreePBX systems backing up to it with no issue. but this one… a problem child. I’ve tried:

  1. Deleting the Backup job
  2. Deleting the Backup Server
  3. Creating the Backup Server
  4. Creating the Backup Job
    Still fails.

Verified FTP is working from the CLI (in fact I can see that it’s successfully logging into the FTP site via the FTP Server console). this is NOT a huge VoIP server (only 5 users).

Running backup I get this error: :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Initializing Backup 3 :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Backup Lock acquired! :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Running pre-backup hooks… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Adding items… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Building manifest… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Creating backup… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Storing backup… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Saving file to remote ftp :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Unable to upload file to the remote server :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Trying to upload /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/20171209-125814-1512842294- to /AHS_VoIP_Backup_FTP/20171209-125814-1512842294- :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
ftp_put(/var/spool/asterisk/tmp/20171209-125814-1512842294- failed to open stream: Value too large for defined data type :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Running post-backup hooks… :=log_dir’/var/log/asterisk’
Backup completed with errors!

Any ideas?

There was another post about this a couple of weeks ago. I can’t find it right now, but there was something about one of the numbers in the name being too big (IIRC).

Thanks for the pointer Dave!

Huh… so what in the world do I do about that? Not sure how I’m able to change the name or anything else for that matter. Hoping someone has a definitive idea.