Cannot add external number to ring group via Misc Applications

Running FreePBX 10.13.66-21

I am trying to add an external number to be part of a ring group. I did test adding it directly to the ring group extension list (ex. 5555555555#) and it worked correctly, ringing the incoming call to the external number (my cell phone).

However I cannot add it to the ring group this way because I want to be able to prepend a number to the CallerID number (which I can do via Set CallerID). So I tried adding it to the ring group another way after reading the forums.

I created a Misc Application- Feature code: 701 Destination: Misc Destination. The Misc Destination dial is set to my cell phone (ex. 15555555555).

When I dial 701 from a phone in the office it calls my cell phone, however when I add 701 to the ring group my cell phone doesn’t ring.

I also tried adding a custom extension with FindMe/FollowMe enabled with initial ring time of 0 with my cell phone in the follow-me list (ex. 5555555555#). Again when I dial that extension from an office phone it calls my cell phone. But when I add it to the ring group, the incoming call does not ring to my cell phone.

I’ve tested just about every setting and can’t seem to get it to work.

Please help.