Cannot add a new Trunk

I have just installed ASteriskNow last week directly from the CD (ISO image). It has a FreePBX 2.5 and Asterisk 1.6.2, fresh installation.

I have just configured my SIP trunks and extensions and all seems to work fine, but, from 2 days ago, I was not able to add a new trunk. When I try to di it, system returns to the begin of the page and nothing is added to Asterisk DB and new trunks are not saved.

I have read and read from this forum and navigated to lots of internet posts and I cannot get any solution.

I have also updated to FreePBX 2.7 version and updated all modules, reviewed all system logs and I have also activated Mysql query logs to determine where is wrong with database, but I cannot see anything that explains this extrange error.

The rest of tips about FreePBX seems to run fine: I can add and delete new extensions, outbound routes, inbound routes, etc. It only fails when I try to modify an existing trunk or adding a new one.

Could anybody give me a solution to this problem?


when something like this affects just one particular database insert, it often means there is something in the data itself that is causing the problem, such as a character that is a SQL reserved character such as % or quotes. The trunk setup page has a lot of fields [trunk name, user] where there you can easily enter a character that will throw the SQL off.

I’m not sure about this issue. I think it is a bug about FreePBX, because testing again, I have just realised that problem only appears if I select as language spanish. If I change again to English, it works fine again, so, problem maybe inside php function that save data to database.

Thanks for your help.

If this breaks when changing the GUI language to spanish, and works when back in English, then report a bug in the tracker and we will see if it can be reproduced.

It is sometimes possible for translations to break functionality.

Yup, switching to Espanol breaks creating a new trunk. I will look into it and I will also create a ticket for it.
Thanks for the feedback.

Found and fixed, see #4247. A new language pack will be released shortly.