Cannot activate FreePBX 13


I yesterday installed FreePBX 13 Beta and tried to activate it.
With Chrome on Win 8.1 (it does not work at all with Internet Explorer), it seems to run through, but after hitting on “Complete” it still says that the machine is not activated.

On the same hardware, I previously had installed FreePBX 12. I entered the same email address as I used for this installation. On the window labeled “Activation”, I read:

Existing Deployment Found!
Deployment XY is currently assigned to this machine and is available for activation.
New Activation
Existing Deployment
You should now enter a location name for this machine, This will be displayed on the FreePBX
Dashboard, as well as in the Portal, to help identify this machine.
If you do not enter a name, one will be automatically generated.
You may be eligible for further offers after activation.
If there are any futher offers, they will be displayed after you click ‘Activate’.

As I read “is available for activation”, I would expect that it works, but, after hitting on “Activate” the system still says that it is not acitvated


I have this problem too!

Is this still an issue? If so can you run the following form the Linux CLI and paste the output for me:

ls -l /etc/schmooze


cat /etc/schmooze/pbxid


I just wanted to ssh into the system, but it does not work. (Strange, it is not a network problem…)
Anyway, here is my answer (copieed by use of an usb stick):

ls -l /etc/schmooze
total 12
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 asterisk asterisk 14 Jul 1 10:25 pbx-brand
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 asterisk asterisk 8 Jul 1 10:21 pbx-failsafe
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 asterisk asterisk 11 Jul 1 10:21 pbx-version

/etc/schmooze/pbxid does not exist

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@sbrauss, I commented on the ticket you opened up at and will continue working through this with you over there.

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