Cannot activate free trial sangoma (error 500) thus can't get access into free pbx UI

Agreed to accept a free trila offer by sangoma whilest configuring freePBX UI. Now cannot get into UI as it is pending to register with sangoma - and returns an error 500. Could any one explain ho-to unregister that. Tnx a lot.

@iotsci I’m not seeing any issues here, can you let me know what version of FreePBX you seeing this with? Also can you let us know what step you are getting a 500 error at?

Reinstalled the system.Thnx


I’m new and can’t create new messages. Maybe I’ll get help here.

I get an error massage when I try to activate FreePBX (Asterisk Version: 13.17.0):

Activation Error!
Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:
Could not resolve: (Could not contact DNS servers)

I understand that the problem with specifying the DNS server, but I do not see where I can specify it.
The file /etc/network/interfaces is empty and cannot be edited (with VIM-editor).

If anyone has, did you have to do anything special to get it to work?

You can edit the DNS servers using nano with:

nano /etc/resolv.conf