Cannot Access Web GUI

This question may have been asked before, but I have bee searching for 2 days to find the answer. I cannot access the Web GUI even though I am on the same network. Everytime I type in the IP address I get:

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect (Ip address)

I have installed using the distro below:

Release Date-05-01-14
FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 1.8 or 11 distro

This is a fresh install on an older PowerEdge SC430. I have tried manually putting in my network info, as well as, using DHCP to configure my IP address.

can you ping it?

Yes I can ping my linux box from inside the network and outside the network. THe linux box can also ping the computer inside the network.

the pbx?

Hi, this may be a separate topic, and it is Elastix but I believe it must be same fix on free PBX .

Background: I am new to asterisk and haven’t got a clue about Linux. (well I have now learnt to log into SSH and access dir , show sip peers etc etc)

Problem: I have disabled WEB UI (elastix), to free up ram on my Rasberry PI…first to be disabled was email server followed by fax, etc etc and than finally web server. (didn’t realize I was going to turn off my web GUI.

Help needed: I need help to restore my WEB UI as that is how I can make changes to my PBX. CAN any one please Help.



Just how did you go about “removing” the web server?

Elastix PBX gives you options to close/stop certain features. I Turned it off thinking it may be the web server module, but well I know know it was not.

Having spent many hours (which I could have spent doing something else) I reluctantly rebooted the PBX. Call it luck but the Web GUI us back working, I am afraid there is nothing to learn from this except don’t turn the web-server module off, as your WEB UI will be lost, and where the case is that one has than KEEP CALM AND JUST “REBOOT THE DEVICE”…

I have an issue logging in the GUI after I accidentally changed the port from “80” to “80,4445” in system admin and saved it. How can I reset this to 80 from FTP or through ssh? Please help