Cannot access the gui of freepbx

Hi all,

i just installed freepbx on 64 bits machine a new installation,fresh installation, the installation was successfull, i even created some extensions, i powered off the machine for the insertion of two cards, when i relaunch the system i cannot access the GUI then i got a web page error with this title general error 1030 got error 134 from storage engine however i can ssh the freepbx, i can ping its address as well. the problem is with the gui.

Anyone here knows how to fix this.

Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !

Your MySQL database looks like it got borked.

This error is usually from MySQL, which FreePBX uses for many of its functions.

If you can, try starting MySQL by hand and repairing the databases. You can also Google “general error 1030 got error 134 from storage engine” and check out the solutions that some people provide.

Is an re installation could repair it ?

Thanks !

I don’t know that that’s required, but if it’s a new installation, it might be the easiest way to solve it.

Note that this indicates a serious problem with the MySQL database, so you might want to check your server hardware before you fire up a reinstall.


I logged in into the server via ssh to access the CLI then i typed this single line of command >>>

mysqlcheck --repair --use-frm --all-databases reboot the system and i was able to access the freepbx GUI.

Thanks !

I’d completely forgotten about the mysqlcheck command - I need to write that down for another application for one of my clients. :smile: Thanks.