Cannot access FreeBPX GUI after change network ip address in System Admin Modules

I am using FreePBX version SNG7-PBX-64bit-1805-1 on VMWare in bridging mode. I actually access to the GUI until I have set static IP address in System Admin Modules like

When I plug in the ethernet, my real computer receives an IP And I don’t know why the two computers are failed to ping each other although it seems to be in the same lan. How can I access the FreePBX GUI again? How can I ping this PBX ? Have you got any advice? Thank you guys for spend your valuable time to read and answer my question.

I got stuck in this problem for nearly 24 hours :frowning:

try to access by linux and reset the IP.

It sounds like maybe your gateway may be wrong? Although even without a gateway, you should be able to ping.

@james If they can’t ping it, they won’t be able to ssh into it; although if they can make a console connection they should be able to fix things.

Oh… I missed the whole “VMWare” part… you can certainly make a console connection through VCenter, and you need to make sure your vmware network virtual adapters are set up properly (that it’s not on the private loopback lan or whatever vmware calls it, and is instead on your lan that actually connects to the ethernet ports on the vmware host)

I hope that all made sense…

He has to access the VM console to access and check that.

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