Cannot accept incoming calls from SIP trunk when Allow SIP guests is set to no

I am new to FreePBX and have things setup pretty well I think. I can make internal calls and outgoing calls to the SIP trunk. I can only receive calls from the SIP trunk when Allow SIP guests is set to Yes. If I do set it to Yes then I get loads of unwanted calls. When it is set to No the calls don’t even hit my PBX.
I’m sure I’m missing something really simple.
Thanks in advance.

When you open a shell, asterisk -vvvvvvr and watch the log when you make an incoming call both ways.
with it turned off you should see a message with something like unknown caller.

That seems odd, if they are landing on your PBX anonymously, they should be getting there with anonymous turned off.
Probably need a incoming route setup with the DID. Pay attention to the CID being sent, I have been tagged when my sip trunk provider started stripping the leading 1 and forced everything 10 digit dialing.


I have a same problem. The problem resolved. Use PJSIP trunk.

Thanks for the comment but I’m unable to change my setup to chan_pjsip for some reason.

The anonymous is turned off. It’s the when I turn Allow Sip Guest on that I get lots of random calls, and when it’s off I there are no calls including me calling the PBX.