Cancel attended transfer

Hello community! Does anyone know how to cancel the attended transfer call to another extension? One scenario is that an inbound call is made to extension 1 and extension 1 transfers the call (attended transfer-*2+extension number) to extension 2. As extension 2 is ringing, extension 1 wants to cancel the transfer and return to the inbound call. How do we do that?

See atxferabort in

You will probably have to define it as a customisation.

Is there a way to do it from the freepbx GUI?

I cannot seem to find the location of the file features_general_custom.conf … EDIT: found it, it’s on etc/asterisk

What is the contents of
That should show if the custom file is being included.

But why are you using *2, rather than the transfer key on the phone? With the latter, you should see a cancel softkey that does what you want.

Path is as @Stewart1 says, but you would probably prefer to use the Config Edit module:


Here’s what I put in my features_general_custom.conf on SNG7/Asterisk 13.23.1:

atxferabort = *5
atxfercomplete = *2
atxferthreeway = *3

*5 aborts the transfer.
*2 drops the transferring party and connects the caller and 3rd party, completing the transfer,
*3 conferences them all

You can use any numbers you want that are not in use.

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