Can you use 3 and 4 digit extensions on same system

Can you use 3 digit extensions and 4 digit extensions on the same network?

For instance. one extension is at 311, another is at 3111. Is that possible or is that a bad idea?

My thought is that if I can’t do this, then I’ll move the 3 digit extensions to a four digit extension. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

you can use pretty much whatever # of digits you want for an extension. I know people who use the whole DID, some who use the last 4 of the DID, some who just make random 3-6 digit extension numbers up.

Totally up to you. There are some reserved #s/ranges, iirc, but someone else can speak up to that

You should avoid any extensions where the start of the extension ends up conflicting with a feature code.

For example, to log into a queue, you use “*10”, which would also be the voicemail box for extension 10 or any other extension that starts with 10.

You should avoid extensions that start with ‘0’, regardless of the length.

In general, with 3-digit numbers, you should avoid “x11” (because of emergency and other special number calls).

There are very few restrictions on 4-digit extensions, except as noted above.

I like 3-digit extensions that start with 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. There are very few conflicts in that range (except the possible feature code ones). I use 4-digit numbers for queues, ring-groups, and conferences.

Extensions that match DIDs can be a little challenging, but only because they make people enter them into the phones. There’s no restrictions, they just get cumbersome sometimes.

In other words, knock yourself out. There are probably 2-dozen numbers that can give you problems, but most of the time, you can go to town with 3 and 4 digit numbers.

if you use 311 and 3111 then when you dial 311 you will have to wait 5 seconds for the digit dialout timer to expire, 3111 will go immediately.

Thank you all very much. You all answered all of my questions I asked, and the ancillary ones I didn’t ask.
Extremely helpful!

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