Can´t find trunks neither outbound routes

Greetings to all forum

The first thing is to apologize if I make any mistake in English as it is not express well

Request help from you because recently started work at a company that has a VoIP server with FreePBX

I have no knowledge of asterisk or voip but like everything worked did not pay much attention until I was asked to add another password to make calls outside the network, I mean to external numbers, did research on the internet and found that is done from the menu TRUNK and OUTBOUND ROUTES but despite seeing manuals and videos where these menus appear in my FreePBX those menus can´t find them.

I would like to tell me if I have to download these modules or if there is some configuration that hides them or maybe there is a way to set the password otherwise.

thanking you in advance for the help given

Amilcar Veloz

You can use the FreePBX module for PIN Sets and create numeric PINS (or passwords).

Then, on the “outbound route” under connectivity menu in FreePBX, there will be a PINSET pulldown to match the outbound route rule.

This will prompt the caller to type in the PIN to continue the call and will also log the pin number inside the call detail database.

There are no additional settings with the trunks. This is an outbound route modification. (The outbound route points to a trunk or several trunk(s))