Can’t connect with SIP using Linux and Android clients

Hello everyone,

I setup FreePBX on one of my machine mounted into one of my racks. The problem is when its time to connect via SIP using Linux and Android client, on Linux workstations and Android phone respectively.

It tell me, on Linphone for Linux: “Can’t authenticate” and on Linphone for Android it tell me: “Unauthorized”.

The server IP is because it ran locally but, the Linphone app ask me to input the user name in that format: “user (at) domain”. So I create a A DNS record who point to, when I goes at using Firefox it resolve to the FreePBX page who ask to select which control panel I want: Admin, User, etc.

Is I need to enter “” somewhere in the admin interface as the SIP client seem to need to have the user (at) domain to be able to work.

I know Linphone is not supported by that forum, I just need to be able to setup FreePBX the correct way.

Thanks for your help!


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