Can;t call out while Parking Lot is used

Right now my work has a rather odd issue. WE have 4 parking lots setup to put people on. Everything seems to work fine, except, whenever someone is in a parking lot. When we call out, there is a busy signal. Any idea what might cause thsi to occur?

We are running a Dell Optiplex Tower as our FreePBX, our card uses 4 FXO ports. The Outbound routes are set to go to any 4 lines, Starting at 1, then 2,3, & 4. Each Trunk is linked to one of these phone lines. Line1, Line2, Line3, Line4. SO Far it’s been hit and miss. I will get a log as soon as it occurs again.

PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack:

Sounds like you only have 4 lines. Is it possible that there are no free lines available when your trying to call out? Even though u place the call in the parking lot it’s still using up one of your 4 lines.

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No, we figured it out, It’s only on the first time. The Way out outbound calls are setup, they start with line one, 2,3,4.The call that’s parked is on line 1. The System goes to line1 first, and doesn’t ignore the fact it’s busy.

You’ll need to provide call logs, you can also post a screenshot from your outbound route.

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