Can someone help with OSS EPM?

My code writing abilities are pretty limited but I still gave this a shot with out any success. I thought I knew the fix and after all I got was errors. I am hoping that maybe someone with a little more OSS EPM experience might be able to help.

The problem is in the Yealink T4 V70 package. I don’t know if the same problem exists in other models but it exists for all of the T4 models.

When you are setting the DSS Keys there is no N/A option (which sets the dss key type setting =0), so you can change a DSS key to a line or BLF or other but not back to blank.

Is there anyone who occasionally pokes at the OSS EPM code who might be willing to give this a look? Theoretically it should be easy to add N/A = 0 to the possible options for that field.

I know there is a lot of opinions around the OSS EPM module, I’m not asking Sangoma to fix this. This is a request to community members, from a community member who has tried and failed. Maybe someone could PM me the contact info of the gentleman who has most recently done the most updates and I could kindly ask him if he would be willing to help.