Can_skype (the "Official One") how to setup outgoing calls?


I just downloaded and installed the “official” chan-Skype from the digium website.
I got as far as handling incoming calls, which works well so far.
I am stuck at configuring outgoing calls.

The instructions in the installation files read:

Dialplan Usage - Outgoing Calls

Using SFA channels in Asterisk is very similar to other Asterisk
channel drivers, with a channel name prefix of ‘Skype’.

Dialing to a Skype name is a simple as:

exten => …,1,Dial(Skype/austin_powers)

Similarly, calls to SkypeOut numbers can be dialed just as if they
were Skype names:

exten => …,1,Dial(Skype/+12564286000)

However, there is one important note to remember: when calls are placed on the
Skype network, they are placed by a Skype name to their destination. This
means that when placing a call, SFA must select one of the defined Skype users
to be the ‘originator’ of that call; to control which user is used by default
for that purpose, you can set the ‘default_user’ option in chan_skype.conf.
Additionally, on a call-by-call basis, you can choose a specific user to be
the ‘originator’ of that call by prefixing the destination Skype name or
SkypeOut number with the originator’s name:

exten => …,1,Dial(Skype/[email protected]_powers)

This would result in user ‘james_bond’ placing the call to ‘austin_powers’.

Now, I am a GUI kinda guy so I have No Idea where am I supposed to configure the dialplan like that.

I am running Elastix 1.3 with the freepbx bit updated to 2.5.1

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


This can be accomplished with the GUI. Create an extension, choose type custom.

In the dial field of the extension place your Skype/####

When you dial that extension it will ring the skype peer that is the object of the dial field in the extension.

I’m running AsteriskNOW 1.5, with all current FreePBX updates applied.

I’ve done as you suggested in the dial field of a new extension I created. When I call the Skype user from another Skype account, it hangs up immediately:

== Starting Skype/des_asterisk-09c7ad10 at default,des_asterisk,1 failed so falling back to exten ‘s’
– Executing [[email protected]:1] Playback(“Skype/des_asterisk-09c7ad10”, “vm-goodbye”) in new stack
– <Skype/des_asterisk-09c7ad10> Playing ‘vm-goodbye’ (language ‘en’)

I’m assuming this is because I haven’t set the correct context in the chan_skype.conf file - what is the correct one to use?

I also tried to call the Skype extension from one of my other extensions - and it goes straight to voicemail. One of the things about the Skype interface I have a problem getting my head around is how it can be used to call Skype users from a handset.

Any thoughts on any of the above welcomed!

Des Dougan

OK. Resolved the inbound issue - just configured a specific extension in chan_skype.conf and was able to receive a call.


That sure worked! Thanks a bunch. Now it has downed on me why I never used any of the other gateways: Having to manually create all those mappings from SIP (digits) to Skype(words). I’ll give it a try for this month and depending on how much they want for it when they go live I’ll choose to keep it or not.


I set my context for the user as [from-trunk] as the context that is in the installed file does not exist [from-skype or something like that]. This way it is dealt with as any other incoming call and I can apply all my incoming rules/ivr etc (I think)

To call from a handset you simply dial the extension number. You cannot (I think) just up and dial any old skype name. You have to set ONE extension for EACH skype user you want to dial. So if you want to call myfriend you have to create an extension (say 55) with the Dial property set to “Skype/myfriend”. Then you simply dial extension 55 whenever you want to call myfriend. Then you have to do the same for each skype name you want to call… PITA, I know.


Thanks for your feedback - I kind of thought that it might need each contact set up as an extension, but it seemed so off the wall that I discounted it. It really makes it easier to just use the Skype client for outbound if all contacts have to be set up manually.

I tried the from-trunk suggestion; disabling the extension causes the privacy manager to kick in, which is OK, given that a Skype ID is likely to be associated with a specific extension.



For outbound you can create a custom trunk.

In the custom dial string simply use ‘Skype/[email protected]

Notice I use the context to-skype-custom. You can use anything you want however that matches the FreePBX conventions.

Make sure you ‘include’ your context in from-internal in extensions_custom.conf so it can be reached by internal extensions.