Can receive but cant dial out - call doesnt even show up in logse

I set these devices up yesterday with success, but I ran out of space and reinstalled freepbx on a larger drive. I set up everything the same, as far as I know, except now I cant dial out from my phone.

It’s an analog phone connected to an Grandstream HT801. The server is a raspbx server on a pi4.

What’s weird is that the call doesnt even show up in the pbx logs. Calls in that I pick up on the phone show up in the logs, but there’s no error or anything when I try and call from the phone.

I checked the grandstream for logs, but all I could get was this:

1	774***####	N/A	2022-04-14 19:38:52	N/A	2022-04-14 19:39:13	21	Failed	Outgoing

For reference I did reset the grandstream when I reinstalled the server and set it up again.

Any ideas why it’s not sending any connection to the pbx server?

I had no trunk set in the outbound.


Edit: Well I fixed that and it did not change anything, which makes sense since again, nothing is showing up in the log.

Alright, I figured it out.

I had to change the sip port from 5060, and I did not realize that the ip phone adapter uses that too.

Within the grandstream fxs port settings, I had to set the sip server address to server.ip.adress:newport

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