Can PJSIP use multiple ports

We are currently using Chan_sip on 5060 and PJSIP on 5061 on one of our servers. We have a mix of PJSIP and chan_sip extensions now. We would like to convert most of our people to PJSIP and the easiest way of doing this is to put PJSIP on 5060 as we did on another server.

However we have people on 5061 that are using PJSIP. Most of them we can update easily enough but some like cell phone softphones are near impossible.

Can we set PJSIP to use port 5061 as well as 5060?

Possibly. I’ve not done it, but there is conversation about this concept here:

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You can in Asterisk, but doing this using FreePBX would be cumbersome.
You have to create a custom transport with pjsip on 5060 adding it to pjsip.transports_custom.conf (assuming you have disabled chansip and moved it off of 5060).


The thing is there is no way to assign a custom transport to an extension from the GUI, instead you would have to add the new transport in pjsip.endpoint_custom_post.conf for each pjsip extension that is on 5060.

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Thanks. It sounds like it might be easier to just contact people and have them delete their settings.

Not saying you’re wrong, but since it comes up a couple of times a year, it wouldn’t kill us to figure out a way to document it and/or implement it in a custom package…

There is a feature request open for configuring new transports from the GUI.
You can upvote it if you like.

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