Can phones auto answer to voicemail?

I have a request to setup five extensions in an Queue with an rrmemory hunt. The catch is that if a call is not answered, they want the caller to go to voicemail on whatever extension was being rung. I see where we can set the failover destinaton to a single voicemail box but not a “send to extension voicemail if no answer”.

I’m using Polycom 551 and 331 in this case and was wondering if the auto answer feature can be used to call voicemail but that doesn’t sound very likely. Any other ideas? Could I setup a custom destination that would ring directly to the voicemail of the last extension dialed in the Queue? Any help is greatly appreciated!

rrmemory is just a starting point for the queue,

agent timeouts:
The number of seconds an agent’s phone can ring before we consider it a timeout. Unlimited or other timeout values may still be limited by system ringtime or individual extension defaults.


The number of seconds we wait before trying all the phones again. Choosing “No Retry” will exit the Queue and go to the fail-over destination
as soon as the first attempted agent times-out, additional agents will not be attempted.

These just run asynchronously until “Maximum wait-time” has expired. then the fail-over is called.

You will need to re-write the Queue extension logic to pre-empt that current behavior (and that logic is very Byzantine;-) )

Haha, ok. I figured as much. was hoping someone could suggest another way. I’ll dig in…