Can only make one inbound or outbound call simultaneously on sip-trunk

Hi, I have problem to make more than one outbound call at the time. And I can only receive one call simultaneously. If someone else tryes to call me they get busy tone. I have 6 extensions so there should not be a problem to ring on another phone. I use Freepbx PBX Firmware:5.211.65-12. I have switched from trixbox “where this was no problem I could use all 6 extensions on the same trunk.” But when I switched to FreePBX this is impossible. I have tryed to google an solution but no one else seems to have this problem. Perhaps something wrong with my installation media?

In the trunk settings there is a field that says Maximum Channels. If it’s blank there is no limit.

What did you do to switch from Trixbox to FreePBX? Are you forwarding the numbers with the carrier? If so a lot of times they’ll have a low limit of concurrent calls / call paths / channels / whatever they want to call it. I’ve run into this a number of times.

Also, you will want to upgrade the software to the newest level, or at least past -17 or wherever they fixed the security issues of a couple months ago.

In the trunk settings Maximum Channels I tryed with 5 and 10 and now it’s blank. I asked my sip provider if they have any limit but they toold me that there are no limits but they will bill me ackordingly. I made a new installation from freepbx CD media. I wrote down all trunk settings on a paper from trixbox and configured freepbx trunk.

Don’t reinstall that old distro. Go here and download the new one to install from

Check the carrier website for trunk definitions.

OK I install the new one Thank you for your time. I come back when I tryed the new distro.