Can not leave voicemail, says ext unavailable

Several extensions this morning are working fine as far as making and receiving calls, but you can not leave them a voicemail. From any ext in the building, when you dial *114 or *115 you get a message saying that YOUR extension number is unavailable goodbye. I can dial those ext and they ring and the user can answer fine. You just can’t dial *xxx and get their voicemail.

Well without some CLI traces nobody can offer you any advice on what is wrong.

I posted this question while Googling. It never fails that after I post, I find the answer. I have no idea what the connection is, but I found several posts that said disabling the *11 and *12 feature codes fixed it and sure enough it did. Again I have no clue what the relationship is to the problem but in the heat of the battle I didn’t care. Why did this issue, whatever it is, only affect a couple of the 70 extensions? Who knows? If it crops up again, I will be forced to spend more time debugging but for now things are working. Sorry for the noise.

  • Gary

I was a problem because the extension range you are using overlaps some of the feature codes. I.e x110 through x119 conflict with *11. This is one reason I like to use 4 digit extensions starting in the 6000 range.