Can not create LETS certificate due to host name

I updated the host name from our information on the Cyberlynk client portal in an attempt to create or import a valid certificate as phone users can not log into the system because of an “invalid certificate” reported by Chrome or Edge.

What was the default value for host name and will that solve the problem or must I register our IP from Cyberlynk?

There is no default. The hostname must resolve to the public IP of the PBX.

Thank you Lorne;
may I have more clarification please? When my firm began our relationship with Cyberlynk and FreePBX was installed for us on one of their virtual servers, a default host name was created. There was something in that field and I did not pay attention to the value before I changed it.

The value I placed in the aforementioned “field” was the value published on “The Client Area” on Cyberlynk’s site. The specificall list a “Host name”. Placing that in the host name field of our installation of FreePBX did not help in the creation of a certificate that would be valid such that a “user” could log into our PBX. Nor did it appear to be filed with a Registrar.

The problem as I see it, in order to have a valid host name, it must be registered with a Domain Registrar before it is published to all DNS services. …had that happened via Cyberlynk with our initial installation and I messed it up or is it something I must do?

It’s something you must do

Andrew, apparently I need to register a valid domain name in order to create a valid certificate apparently required so that FreePBX user accounts are able to access the user area of FreePBX.

After a new phone/extension is created and the email sent to the user. The address provided in the email returns an “invalid certificate” error.