Can not create cel table::

When trying to update CEL from GUI, I get the following error:
Can not create cel table::

After reading some notes, I then run from console fwconsole ma downloadinstall cel

No repos specified, using: [commercial,standard,extended,unsupported] from last GUI settings

Downloading module 'cel'
Processing cel
Verifying local module download...Verified
Download completed in 1 seconds
Creating cel if needed..
In utility.functions.php line 123:

  Can not create cel table::

moduleadmin [-f|--force] [-d|--debug] [--edge] [--ignorecache] [--stable] [--color] [--skipchown] [-e|--autoenable] [--skipdisabled] [--snapshot SNAPSHOT] [--format FORMAT] [-R|--repo REPO] [-t|--tag TAG] [--skipbreakingcheck] [--sendemail] [--onlystdout] [--] [<args>]...

I then run mysql asteriskcdrdb -e “show tables;describe cel” resulting in:

asteriskcdrdb -e "show tables;describe cel"
| Tables_in_asteriskcdrdb |
| cdr                     |
| cel                     |
| queuelog                |
ERROR 144 (HY000) at line 1: Table './asteriskcdrdb/cel' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

Any suggestions?

PBX ver
Distro 12.7.8-2107-3.sng7
Asterisk 16.20.0

Everything else is udpated.

 mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases

Sorry for the late response…
Thanks Dicko, that did the trick!

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