Can Not Connect to Asterisk

I updated most of the modules it wanted me to update and then I went to add a Google Voice trunk. Shortly afterwards, it says on the control panel ‘Can Not Connect to Asterisk’ in red. I don’t have much experience with FreePBX/Asterisk in general so I did a firewall dbug and it kept saying, “connection attempt to AMI failed”

I just reverted back to a snapshot that I thankfully took yesterday and that seems to work. I took a snapshot of it broken so if there is a quick way to restoring it, I would be happy to do so. Thanks

Update: I just tried adding a Google Voice trunk again on the working snapshot and can confirm that this is the issue. Any tips to resolve it? I am guessing I have to do it through command line since I cannot do anything from FreePBX.


  1. Don’t waste your time with setting up Google Voice, it’s not going to work.

  2. To fix try reading this: Asterisk Crashed, Please Help!

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