"Can Not Connect to Asterisk" After upgrade


I just ran “upgrade-10.13.66-1.sh” on my existing 6 install and now have “Can Not Connect to Asterisk” error. If I click on Asterisk info I get in the center:

fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given

Any ideas on what I can do here?

I decided to upgrade asterisk using asterisk-version-switch

I chose version 13

Apparently I was on 12 and that doesn’t work with Freepbx 13. I’m surprised the installer script didn’t catch this.

Version 12 works fine. Yours was just stopped. You simply had to start it.

Is 13 considered stable or should I migrate back to 12? I thought I read somewhere that in this version of Freepbx that only 11 and 13 were supported.

12 isn’t supported by Asterisk anymore. Use 11 or 13. 12 is fine it’s just not updated.