Can leave vmail but cannot retrieve it


I have an extension that you can leave voicemail at but you cannot retrieve it. If you enter the extension number and password it waits for about 10 secs then hangs up. If you enter in the wrong password it prompts you for the correct one.

  • the other 2 extensions with voicemail are working fine
  • used the FreePBX 2.210.62-2 distro for install
  • there are 2 msgs if I go through User Control Panel (it says there are 3 but shows 2) that I can listen to and play but they are old msgs, new msgs can be left but do not show up

For the start of this see:

If I remove the extension and then add it new will it ‘re-sync’ and get the voicemails back?

Are the voicemails kept in a db that I can run an auto-repair against?

No emails are in /var/lib/asterisk/voicemail/default/… not a db…

Have you looked in/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf? It’s a flat file and sometimes gets hosed up.

If you delete an extension the vm’s will be gone. You can always go to the ARO (user portal) and listen to them.