Can incoming routes match dialing patterns for DIDs?


I’m using FreePBX hooked to a PRI, and I’m in the process of importing about 40 different analog lines into the PRI as DIDs. These DIDs will be routed to 6 different IVRs. As I’m setting up my Incoming Routes, it appears I have to use one route per DID. Is there a way I can use a dialing pattern to match multiple DIDs in a single incoming route? While setting up one route per DID works, the list tends to be long, when with the proper matching, I could set it up with only 6 routes.

My DIDs are 4 digits. Here is an example of what I mean:

Take the DIDs 6452, 6456, and 6458. If I could match the dialing pattern 645[268] or even 645N, I could use one route instead of 3. However, when I put either dialing pattern into the gui, it accepts it, but dialing the number produces the “ss-noservice” message to be played.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you had moused over the words “DID Number”, you should have seen this:

[quote]Define the expected DID Number if your trunk passes DID on incoming calls.

Leave this blank to match calls with any or no DID info.

You can also use a pattern match (eg _2[345]X) to match a range of numbers:[/quote]

Note the underline at the start of the pattern - this is a must!

I thought I’d checked everywhere, but I didn’t check the mouse-over text. The pattern matching worked with the underscore in the front.

Thank you.