Can I use freepbx to connect/bridge calls not over IP, but over a "voice" connection?

I’m probably going to use the wrong terminology here, but coming from ringcentral when making a call from the android app i have the option of using carrier minutes, cellular data, or wifi.

When using “carrier minutes” it will use cellular voice. For inbound calls i imagine it works similar to the follow me option which i haven’t messed with yet. Ring Central will basically just forward the call to my cell phone, using cellular voice.

For outbound calls, ring central will bridge the call using cellular-voice. With the ring central app, it will have my phone dial my ring central did, then ring central will make an outbound call and bridge them.
Google Voice used to do something similar (maybe it still does), through the web interface you enter the destination number, then it would call you, once you pick up it will then bridge a call to the number you entered in the web interface.

Is there any way to replicate this functionality with freepbx? To be able to make calls when you have a phone connection but not a data connection?

Situations where it’s useful are those where i am without wifi and with poor cellular data, but i have a good enough connection for a cellular voice call and i don’t want my clients having my personal mobile number.

My current use case is our ISP is down and we still need to make outbound calls, but a voip call over 4g is resulting in very poor call performance.

Calls to FreePBX out to a cellphone via PSTN (not data):

Outbound calls from FreePBX to an outside number via PSTN (not data):

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