Can I use blf for line or only for extension


The questions keep coming…
Can i use Blf for an extension’s line 1 and another blf for the same extension’s line 2?

My goal is to visual monitor the lines of an agent that has more than 3 lines simultaneously.

Maybe I could use a code at the blf value in the endpoint manager?

Thank you in advance for any information.


You can, as long as your phone has as many blf buttons as you need.

No, there is no BLF functionality for call 1, call 2, call 3 on extension 5342.

Thanks for your answers.

I guessed that it would not be implemented because i would have found it.

Is there a chance to make it with any other programmable way or is there an extension that would support it or any phone console or even a commercial module.

Any information provided will be more than helpful.

I’m trying to replace an old avaya pbx and this feature to monitor multiple lines from extensions is very crucial.


Are you talking about simultaneous calls arriving at the same extension number with call waiting functionality or a phone with several different extensions registered at the same time on the same phone?

This is easily done. FOP2 ( shows this already for 2 calls. I assume it could be modified to show more. Never looked

The built in UCP likely has something you can setup for this also, but I never looked.

Any tool you setup to monitor Asterisk can get the information as Asterisk of course know the answer.

It can, it just defaults to showing 2 lines. I have it showing 4 for some users.

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Good morning.

I was considering the FOP2 and I will put it in test right away.

I was hoping that there was a a phone console with lights that shows the status of the lines of the agents.

More specific right now with the avaya I have an operator that can monitor with blf 10 agents with 4 lines each (40 blfs) and decides to transfer a new call considering the traffic each agent has (how many calls is handling speeking or holding).
I could use a screen based console like FOP but as you are guessing agents don’t always accept new environments.

I thought that I could implement this with a sangoma 505 and a couple of expansions units.

Out of curiousity what type and how old of an avaya?

Avaya definity v9 and the setup was made in the near 2004

This is because there is no concept of “lines” with SIP.

Exactly and that is why I was curious about the Avaya model. Analog/Keyed PBX systems of yesteryear also generally have their own phones which means everything is interop’d. That is always a key fact that is overlooked when moving to an IP PBX by many people.

Thank you all for yours answers.

I agree with the last statements and that’s why I try to find the differences and provide with alternatives for the new system.

As far as the monitoring I’m confident that FOP2 will make the deference.
I will test the isymphony too and make my dicision soon enough.

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