Can I turn a primary FreePBX 14 server into a backup?

I just got a new client after their FreePBX server went down and the person who set it up was MIA. So I had a small FreePBX 14 server ready to go and set it up quickly so they could continue business. While it works, it is definitely not something I want to leave in for full-time primary use (it’s a beefed up workstation computer I just have standing by for these situations).

I want to install FreePBX 14 on the original phone server now that it has been repaired. Can I move everything from the current server to the original server and make the temp server a backup server? If so, is there a guide to this? I have done FreePBX backups (manual and automatic) and restores before.

Thank you!

If they don’t have any commercial modules, I’d use the conversion tool

This way, once you finished migrating, just swap the IP’s and enable the Trunk.

Note: a few directories are not copied over, but can be easily done with rsync. It takes another 50 seconds…

See what’s not copied over, here:

Then you can setup the beckup server to be a warm spare.

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